The Mexican Connection #1 Society vs. the State

Society vs. the State.


Public Program: 14 November 2015
Exhibition: 6 November – 2 December 2015
De Balie, Amsterdam

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What can we do, when the police, the army and the law don’t protect us – and the state doesn’t act in our best interest?

Ever since the war on drugs erupted in 2006, over 100.000 people have died and 25.000 have disappeared – and the body count is still rising. Moreover, only one in one hundred crimes are solved. Why has Mexico become so violent and lawless over the past decade? Is all this bloodshed just a side-effect of a booming drug trade between Mexico and USA, or is there more at stake?

While those in power seem keen to represent Mexico as an emerging market full of investment opportunity, the lower and middle classes grow angrier, and more desperate. The military, the police and (local) politics have been infiltrated by organized crime, and are vassals of corrupt politicians – leaving civilians essentially unprotected. To this day, the state remains unable to respond to the rampant impunity and corruption, preferring to focus on a triumphant discourse of economic reform, and prosperity.

The Mexican Connection presents Mexico as a case-study for what is perceived to be a global trend: how an increasingly powerful economic elite alienates itself from an increasingly powerless society. By connecting important voices The Mexican Connection aims to map the coordinates towards structural change.

Exhibition MOTLEY MEXICO | opening 6th of November, 18:00 – 20:00 [free entrance]

Public program 14th of November:

WANTED: WHISTLEBLOWERS Defending Mexico’s Independent Journalism

15:00 – 17:00 | read more Buy Tickets

SHADOW STATE MEXICO? Understanding Mexico’s Narco State Capture  

20:00 – 22:00|  read moreBuy Tickets

Location: De Balie

Tickets sold at and at the door.

  10,- | students 7,50 | CJP 7,50 | stadspas 7,50
A Club Interbellum project, in collaboration with De Balie