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…on the Future of Cuba

Ever since Cuba has opened up its economy and restored its diplomatic relations with the USA, holiday sales to this revolutionary island have boomed. Everyone wants to experience ‘the old Cuba’ before it’s too late. In other words: before globalisation and neoliberalism get a hold on the island and irrevocably transform it.

Is Cuba in danger of becoming engulfed by an American tsunami? Does it look at China’s and Vietnam’s market socialism as a viable model for its own economy? Or will it become a refuge where the progressive left can build on its social utopia? Cuba is in transition, for sure, but changing to what? And now that president elect Donald Trump is likely to reverse Barack Obama’s policies, how long will this new openness persist?   

On the 16th and 17th of December De Balie in Amsterdam will be immersed in Connecting Cuba #1, an interdisciplinary event in which art, design and debate debunk easy opinions and explore constructive alternatives. This edition entails two public programs, a film screening, two exhibitions and a theater ‘dinner piece’ that reflect on the changes that Cuba is currently experiencing and is anticipating on a still uncertain future.

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“Connecting Cuba to the (New) Media Revolution”
Saturday 17th December 14:00 – 16:00
Conference hall / Grote Zaal
De Balie Amsterdam

With only 5% of the Cubans on the internet, Cuba might be one of the last offline countries in the world. On the other hand, the little available internet is rapidly transforming Cuban society, giving rise to a lively new blogosphere, enhanced civic participation and digital independent journalism. In a country where a state-run press held a monopoly on information for over 50 years, these changes are causing nothing less than a small media revolution. 

With Harold Cardenas Lema (blogger of “La Joven Cuba” and “elTOQUE”), Anne Nelson (researcher Columbia University en Commission of International Media Assistance), José Jasán Nieves (coordinator blog “elTOQUE”), Milena Recio (editor OnCuba), Sandra Abd’Allah-Álvarez Ramírez (blogger “La Negra Cubana”), Hans Schnitzler (Philosopher and writer “The Digital Proletariat”).

With video art of Celia/Yunior (CU) and Hamlet Lavastida (CU), and reports of documentary maker Yaima Pardo and elTOQUE. Decor and design by Deimion van der Sloot (Peim).

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 “Change Cubans Can Believe In”

Saturday 17th December
20:00 – 22:00

Conference hall / Grote Zaal
De Balie Amsterdam
With the new Republican president elect Donald Trump soon shuffling the cards at the White House, a renewal of the embargo looms large on the horizon. The future of Cuba seems as uncertain as ever. But as Barack Obama said during his historical visit to Cuba in March 2016: “change must be in the hands of the Cubans”. More and more Cuban citizens demand to be an active part of the transformation of their nation. This public program explores several future scenarios, as well as how Cuba’s civil society is redefining itself, according their own standards for a future they can believe in.

*With: Rafael Hernández (Cubaanse political scientist, poet and theatre writer), Lenier González Mederos (co-founder of magazine and research institute Cuba Posible), Menno Grootveld (utopist and editor) en Sanne Albers (China expert).
With art of Celia/Yunior (CU),Hamlet Lavastida (CU) and Tania Bruguera (CU). Visuals by Yvo Sprey and decor by Deimion van der Sloot (Peim).

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